Join The #Unparty

Leave Behind The Party Line and realise that politics, the tool with which we manage our society is there for all of us to participate in.

To join the #Unparty is easy, there are no dues, no forms to complete as it is an idea, a simple permission to step back and say 'lets look at this problem afresh' whether the problem is hyper local or international. Take part and you are part of the #unparty discussion.

How You Can Take Part


You can sign up here for an irregular newsletter on what is happening #Unparty wise, information on new meetups, new ideas and report from previous meetups.

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Go along to a meetup, start your own. Share your ideas and discussions with the rest of the #unparty by using the hastag on your social media and letting the lists know.

As we get regular meetups confirmed we will share them here and on the newsletter.

Remember you dont need to ask if you can hold a meetup, just do and it would be great if you let us know how it went!

Election Support

Are you thinking of standing in an upcoming election as an independant?

If so, then consider the #unparty network a support network, a sharing and discussion space. We are trying to develop some ways to really support all the independants and anyone who thinks that just toing a single party line is no longer the way to do politics.

Let us know if you are thinking of standing and we will update you on what we can do to help.

What to know more

The #unparty started over at my weblog, geekyoto. You can read the posts in the unparty category here.